Sources and information for export to Europe

The value of Egyptian exports in 2016 amounted to 22.5 billion dollars, with Egypt coming in the fifty-second position of the exporting countries in the world. Over the last five years, Egypt’s exports have increased by 4.42% annually

The European Union represents one of the most important trading partners of Egypt. Egyptian exports to the EU increased from 2 billion and 639 million dollars to 3 billion and 73 million dollars during the first half of this year, an increase of 16.5%. There are many Egyptian companies exporting many Egyptian products to European countries such as foodstuffs, detergents, paper products, textiles, agricultural crops and many other local commodities.

The main sources of export assistance to Europe

EU Office to Assist Export Developing Countries:

This office allows you to get all the information you need to export to European countries such as requirements, statistics for imports from countries to Europe, tariffs, preferential arrangements and quotas.

EU standards:

All required standards in all products and goods exported to European countries from all countries.

European statistics:

Identify the European market and know the volume of imports from all countries of the world and the quality of products that can be exported.

Tax & Customs Union:

Learn about taxes on goods imported by European countries from different countries of the world and customs tariffs for different goods.

European Commission for Food Safety:

If you are one of the exporters of food commodities, here is the official website of the European Food Safety Authority, from which you can know all the requirements and specifications for the export of food products to different European countries.

European import requirements for live animals and animal products:

Many European countries import animals to benefit directly from all their products or products, such as dairy products and others.

So you should check this site to know the types of animals imported by European countries and the conditions and specifications necessary to complete the export process successfully.

International commercial sites and international trade networks

A directory of Russian companies and international companies working in various goods and products, in addition to Russian trading partners and companies interested in small and medium industries and information service center for anyone who wants to deal with Russian companies.

This site provides an important electronic directory of more than half a million European companies in about 30 countries divided by activity and size of the company.

About 80% of these companies work in the small and medium industries and you can get good export deals, and this guide is available in several languages.

This guide provides global chambers of commerce allowing you easy access to international business information, providing a detailed list of addresses of chambers of commerce and consulates of different countries in the world, in addition to access to multiple business opportunities.

This guide presents the World Trade Network and contains lists of names and addresses of importers around the world and international trade fairs.

This link contains a directory of more than 2 million European companies and provides all the necessary information about these companies such as title, main activity of the company, the volume of international trade transactions, exhibitions that the company participates in, and the specifications of products and raw materials used in its production.


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