Product Listing policy

TibaValley policies are often set on country authority, although in some cases, we may state our policies according to our members request and our own discretion. You possibly will not post or sell every item which is prohibited or restricted by Authority or Country  as well as not authorizing  any  violation of intellectual property rights of others or illegal purposes. You should keep in mind that website is  a “Site” serves as an international market place, hence the posting or selling trading items can be prohibited or not permitted by the laws out of your  authentication in which you reside.

TibaValley reserves the right of removing any Violating Trading items that not abiding by the ‘Product listing Policy’ and also have the Authority to remove the accounts of any members who continue to violate the ‘Product Listing Policy’ after having been warned.

Abiding by TibaValley “Product Listing Policy” you, as being the seller, are solely responsible for ensuring that you are probably not posting or trading a product that may be prohibited or unauthorized by the “Product Listing Policy” or other actions will be taken including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

 Below, there is listed certain categories of restricted or prohibited items:

  • unauthorized activities and  sanctioned  items
  • non ethnically, racially, or intolerable,  offensive material
  • Credit card, credit repair Services, applications for financial services or loans, collection services
  • Academic Degrees or Diplomas
  • Illegal or unregistered drugs and unapproved medical devices.
  • Pornographic, erotic & adult contents
  • Contracts, Lottery, raffle and event resale tickets
  • Spy devices and hacking equipment
  • unauthorized copies of intellectual property
  • Firearms, ammunition, air guns and weapons or any item used in this industry.
  • Government IDs and licenses
  • Mailing lists and personal information