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Tiba Valley Translation Guidance

At Tiba Valley, we select our translation techniques flexibly, In order to match our clients’ needs. Covering everything from business documentation to presentation materials when translating from one language to another, in order to effectively communicate with your clients and to dissolve any language barrier with your business, Tibavalley offers you a wide range of language translation support to allow you to communicate with your clients easily. We are caring to translate your texts as quickly and as accurately as possible. At Tiba Valley, the quality of our translation service is our number one concern.

Trade Assurance service:

Tiba Valley Trade Assurance is a paid service that’s designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers. Our main aim is to guarantee that both the buyers and suppliers are satisfied, So the buyer send the money as the payment terms agreed with the supplier to TibaValley Bank account and after the supplier ship the product the buyer will be provided with the needed documents for clearance and receive of his shipment as long as he completed his payment and once received we release the payment for the supplier. Trade Assurance helps buyers in the event of shipping and quality-related dispute. It covers you if your products are not shipped on time as per the contract with your supplier, and if your products do not meet the quality standards as per the contract with your supplier. Trade Assurance means that you are guaranteed to buy what you think you are buying. And in case the supplier didn’t fulfill the shipments terms or being late on his delivery date the full money is returned back to the buyer without any liability on the buyer.

Steps of using Tiba Valley Trade Assurance; start an order with a Trade Assurance supplier, negotiate terms with the supplier and confirm order, then make payment to the bank account designated by Tiba Valley.