• Sources and information for export to Europe

    The value of Egyptian exports in 2016 amounted to 22.5 billion dollars, with Egypt coming in the fifty-second position of the exporting countries in the world. Over the last five years, Egypt’s exports have increased by 4.42% annually The European Union represents one of the most important trading partners of Egypt. Egyptian exports to the
  • Are you eligible for export

    How to prepare for export Working in the field of export is one of the most important ways to ensure the success of your trade and growth significantly and thus gain double profits. Success in export is important for long-term sustainability. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the export process well in order to reach
  • Export basics and selection of commercial agent

    Some believe that the field of export is a complex area that needs a lot of money and procedures, but this belief is completely wrong. The work in the field of export needs more experience than the need for money, especially the export of small and medium-sized goods such as food commodities, vegetables and consumer
  • The most important pricing factors for export products

    The most important pricing factors for export products Good product pricing is one of the most important keys to the export process. Many companies make common mistakes in this regard, including converting prices from the local currency to the currency of the importing country, regardless of the considerations of competing products in the market, especially
  • Export procedures and documents required

    Export work is one of the fields that opens wide horizons for the investor in terms of identifying new markets and cultures, raising profits and obtaining foreign currency. As in any other field, entry into the world of export requires important procedures and documents that must be met. The export procedures shall commence immediately upon
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