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How to prepare for export

Working in the field of export is one of the most important ways to ensure the success of your trade and growth significantly and thus gain double profits. Success in export is important for long-term sustainability.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the export process well in order to reach the continuous growth in your trade and manage the risks that may accompany the export process effectively.

A good preparation for starting an export depends mainly on the work of an organized export plan to minimize the risk and costs that may occur when entering new markets. Due to the importance of this, we will present the steps necessary to follow them well to work in the field of export and avoid any obstacles that may occur.

Prepare to start the export process

Product / Service

The product may be suitable for the local market, but you should consider whether your product is also suitable for export and has a competitive edge in the target market. What is the appropriate price for this product?

There are several factors that must be considered to determine this:

  • Local laws of the target market
  • Different customs and traditions
  • The level of income of individuals in the target market is appropriate for this commodity or not
  • The strength of local competition for this product
  • The need for the item to after sales service and availability
  • Time, shipping costs and taxes required.

Make a valuable presentation

It is simply what it will offer the consumer, why he wants to buy it, and what benefit will this product add to it?

You have to think about what makes your company different from competitors, and you must do extensive research and communication with customers to provide specific offers of value, provided that this data within your plan to grow your company.

Target consumer

One of the most important steps to be carefully identified is the quality of the targeted consumer segment, the reason for the selection of this segment, the expected consumer ratios, and the development of a clear strategy for maximizing satisfaction for these consumers.

Ways to reach the target market

After we have identified the product, the proposed offerings, and the target segment, we must develop a specific strategy to create contact with the external consumer, and offer the item.

This can be achieved through direct sales through various internet sites and your online store at electronic export sites such as “Tiba Valley”.

Find the right commercial agent

It is important to have a good search for an agent in the foreign market, and to establish a specific and detailed agreement between the two parties, which stipulates the common objectives of the success of trade and the continuation of work on an ongoing basis.

  • Sales targets.
  • Marketing plans.
  • The prices.
  • The product must be exclusive.
  • Discounts and payment methods.
  • Conditions for termination of the contract between the parties should be established in case of breach of one of the conditions.

At present, through e-commerce sites, you can find the consumer, or the consumer can find you directly without any trouble, and you will not need to do any complicated procedures except sending the product.

Analysis of competitors

Good knowledge and knowledge of the local and external competitors of your company, the product you are marketing, their competitive advantages and services, their weaknesses and strengths, the advantages and disadvantages of the products and services they provide and what markets they invade.

All of this contributes in one way or another to the way your merchandise is displayed, and how good it is.

Competitive advantages

Defining competitive advantages is an important key to developing a robust, long-term strategic plan in the external market.

This is achieved by providing real value to the consumer through additional services for the product at higher prices, or offering lower prices than competitors.

You need to know the innovative way to make your company different from other companies on the market. You can also offer a high price for some products, and remain a strong competitor provided you give the consumer a good reason for that price.

Sales process

The process of selling from the basic operations in the trade, but before that you must know the level of sales of your company, and its ability to provide an adequate level of sales for export.

As well as identifying reliable ways to support sales such as using modern technology to manage the volume of sales.


Whether you work alone or have employees at the company, you must make sure that all the employees of the company are proficient in many skills including language proficiency and marketing skills, research and goal setting, accept diversity of cultures and good communication with the external consumer.

Finance resource

You must determine your company’s financial strength to withstand the external market. If you are a small business, you should look for ways to get financing to support your activity and stay in the market.

Pricing and payment methods

When determining the price of a commodity, it is not necessary to rely only on the price of a competitor, but also to take into consideration the consumer’s view of the relationship between price, product quality, distribution costs, and the consumer’s ability to buy at this price.

The excellence in choosing the type of product, the quality of the product, and the honesty in dealing with it are among the most important factors that will help you stay strong in the commercial market for long periods. Considering the previous steps, the export process is not complicated. Just need a clear vision and do a little research and knowledge.

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